Welcome to the world where art has been evolving. Midjourney is the new art-making tool in open beta. The new tool poses a challenge to redefine the notion of ideas and imagination expression.

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! Are you cool like me? Do you get first access to the newest technology in the world? Of course not. Are you a writer, artist, or designer? Are you looking to take your creative skills to new heights? I have the tool for you. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) name is Midjourney, and it’ll be your guide on this journey through wonderland. It’ll lead you into a labyrinth of exciting colors and shapes, hidden stories within images, where imagination meets reality.

The truth behind artificial intelligence

Let’s make magic happen by using artificial intelligence to generate images. What is artificial intelligence, then? Is it a robot? Or is it a computer that performs tasks similar to human thinking? Or is it a software program or web service running on a computer with self-learning capabilities that enables it to improve its operation without being explicitly programmed?

It’s a relatively new field of study that has been around only since the mid-1950s. It’s still developing rapidly, but there are already many applications of AI in everyday life.

“The science and engineering of making intelligent machines.”

The term “artificial intelligence” was first coined by John McCarthy in 1955.

Artificial intelligence is a broad term that encompasses many different approaches to creating machines that behave in ways that are considered intelligent. A common misconception about this new technology is that it is the same thing as machine learning, which is actually a subfield of artificial intelligence. Machine learning involves algorithms that can learn from data, but not all machine learning algorithms are considered AI.

Midjourney is a new art-making tool

What is Midjourney AI art?

Midjourney is a new AI art tool that allows you to generate text-to-image art based on your text prompt.

You can use the AI art generator to create the perfect image for any occasion or just to have a little fun. We’ve all been there: you have an idea for something amazing, but it’s hard to find the right artist to express it. Not only do you have to pay a lot of money, but artists often don’t deliver the piece that you are looking for.

I’ve experienced this problem before and it makes me feel as though I am being ripped off.

For example, for something like the featured image of this blog, I’d have to pay between $60 and $120 for the art.

What if you could conjure up stunning images with just a few words? What if you could do it without paying an artist hundreds of dollars or waiting for days? Now you can, thanks to Midjourney AI Discord bot.

It’s the perfect tool for anyone who wants to create their own text-to-image art without paying for it. Technically you don’t.

The best part? You don’t even need any experience with Photoshop or other image editing software. All you need is some text, and Midjourney will do the rest.

If you’re unsatisfied with your text prompt, don’t worry; you can redo it or make a bunch of variations based on your favorite prompt and eventually find something you like.

The AI-powered art-making tool helps you turn those words into stunning visuals that will satisfy you.

Hogwarts burned down-midjourney
Hogwarts can burn down, but you’ll do it in style. The variation image is generated by Karlmit user.

Midjourney vs. Dall-E 2

I put the Midjourney beta list on my birthday wishlist.

Honestly, I didn’t even know what Midjourney was yet. But it sounds like an amazing tool, and I’m all about having access to new tools as they come out. *A scream in geek voice.*

Midjourney seems to be some kind of self-funding research lab—and I can’t believe I’m sitting on the beta list as soon as they come out. VS Dall-E 2 was open to the public beta last month in late July, and they are still processing my invitation since June.

I bet it’ll be a while for this geek to be on board since I’m just a no-name blogger trying to rebuild my dead blog again. I believe Dall-E 2 circulates among very high-end publications and their writers, like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Glamour (and probably other stuff too). They may have opened up to beta and reviewed their users’ commercial rights to compete with tools like Midjourney, the new art-making tool in closed beta, for much longer than Dall-E 2.

How this image generation works

Midjourney’s AI Discord bot commands

Here’s how it works: type in your prompt after the command “/imagine”, and hit enter. Then, watch as the text-to-image art tool takes your prompt and turns it into four images in just seconds! You can upscale, then download the final AI image or share it directly with friends if you’re a paid user.

Each time you use a prompt or query, it’ll cost you a credit, or a minute in this case. You can adjust different settings to make it cost less for each generation and ultimately cost more if you want 2x higher quality or bigger size.


Take a look at my featured image, and you’ll see what prompt I used.

midjourney-luxury apartment view

You can create different variations based on these 4 samples or upscale the one you like. Every button you see is a command waiting to be pressed. In my search to find a more striking image, I chose the U1 option for the featured image.

Upscale your image

The process of upscaling (U1-U4) is to generate a larger version of the same image. The default size is 1024×1024, but you can specify a different size if you prefer. Upscale sharpens the style of AI art. I like how it cleans up around the edges. Although I find it makes the characters’ eyes more distorted.

Please ignore me. I am just upscaling and varying everything. I want to make a cute profile picture for my Discord, but I can’t decide which one I like best.

text-to-image art-a cute young man

These are very small images and do not look good when used in avatars or anything. You will always have to upscale the image to get the best possible version.

The luxury apartment with the infinity pool above is made in 16:9 format, so it’s bigger by default, and Midjourney uses more credits/times for its generative process.

text-to-image art-upscale of a cute young man
Raw upscale, which you can also do some more “light upscale redo” after to clean up.

Sometimes, I even do a second “Light Upscale Redo” to clean up the paint effects and blend the color better. But in this case, the second upscale makes the hair look too smooth, and I’m not a fan. The ears also look odd on the left side. But the nose, lips, and eyes turned out great, so it’s a hit and miss with the second upscale.

midjourney ai discord bot-light upscale redo
This version was upscaled twice.

Generate a variation

A variation process (V1-V4) is to create 4 new images, all with the same style as the one you chose.

ai art generator-variation image of a cute young man
Variations of the image above (version 4, bottom right)

How do we access the Midjourney beta?

Access Midjourney’s beta with a “crazy-loves-only-you” password.

Just kidding!

I know it’s all very exciting. You must be wondering how to get access to such a powerful tool. If you asked me about two months and a half ago, I would have said it was closed beta—you only get an invitation if you’re either a journalist, a digital artist, a software engineer, or anyone who works in computer science especially AI engineering.

As of a few days ago, the app is now in open beta. It is open to anyone, but each of us beta testers can only have 5 invitations to send out to you. You can also join their Discord and beg to be chosen as a beta user.

Just kidding, you don’t have to beg; just ask in their Discord!

You can join Discord for free and get around 25 prompts or 25 free images to use. If you run out of your usage, you’ll be given an option to join their subscription and be a paid user. You are free to use the images you generate as you wish as a subscribed user, which is super generous, considering I can even make money with it if I spend enough time perfecting my prompt for various art styles.

ai art generator-other users prompts
Check out some other users’ prompts and art.

The subscription box you’re going to fall in love with

Or at least I know I do.

Text-to-image art: why do I love this tool?

I have a confession to make: I don’t know how to draw or paint.

It’s crazy, right? I love art museums and breathtaking artwork, but I just don’t have the time or energy to learn how to create it myself.

So when I heard about Midjourney, an AI art generator that can make stunning artwork in minutes, I was all over it!

Now, I’m not going to lie—this Midjourney AI Discord bot isn’t perfect yet. It can’t quite follow the prompts I give it and doesn’t do a great job at generating paintings with faces. But it’s still really cool!

My parents are both tailors, and I grew up in quite an art-loving family. So it’s just a part of me.
I also dated quite a few artists myself. Shhh.

I’m hoping to get back into gaming again soon. I need to do more testing with my Midjourney generator and make it follow prompts better, but right now, I can’t find the time between working 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, and writing for various marketing agencies.

Midjourney subscription types

The AI Art Generator has two types of subscriptions: Basic (for users who want to generate art sometimes for fun) and Standard.

  • You get 200 images per month with the Basic membership. Trust me; it’s not that many images! It takes me less than 5 days to generate those images.
  • The Standard membership offers more benefits and has unlimited images each month.

As with gas prices and inflation, it seems like everything is going up—so I took a few screenshots as proof before their plans change! But as soon as I indulged in this powerful text-to-image art tool, I immediately swapped plans.

If you have thousands of employees, then the enterprise version might be worth a look. $600 a year, that’s what it costs to keep your love alive. Which is still cheaper than a flight to Tahiti, where my crazy ex lives.


I think Midjourney AI art-making tool is still cheap, considering how much I paid for my artistic journey over the past few years. The text-to-image art tool makes it easier for me to keep going and finish my new mediums or artistic projects.

It also offers one of the hidden subscriptions, which is $50 a month for a private plan. This means that no one in the community can access your collections. You can access the Midjourney bot in your private DM, but it’s still public and can pull your data.

How to save your image

Please consider subscribing to download your image and then posting it somewhere. Otherwise, you may end up having copyright issues; since they record every single image and collect them in their database unless you pay more to be on the corporate plan for private generations.

You can open a link from your image by right-clicking and choosing “Open Link.”


You can also access your profile on their website by signing in. You’ll see all your AI-generated art gallery and art from other users.

I have been creating random art since.

Is Midjourney only on discord?

Right now, you can only access the program from their Discord server. To begin creating art, join a newbies’ channel.

You will be given a role and a number in it. This is based on the number on your invitation, I believe. They’ll jam-pack many users within a newbies room. But you can type your prompt in any of those newbies channels.

I hope they will make an app in the future, but I’ll surely miss out on all the exceptional artwork other users generate.

I also enjoy learning from others’ prompts and seeing what sort of results they’re getting. Sometimes, people copy my prompts and post them word-for-word, just as soon as they see that I got some great results.

You can also use a few advanced parameters to customize your prompts.

Stylize argument sets how strong Midjourney feels about your prompt. The higher the setting, the more it will completely ignore it. Sometimes you’ll have a marvelous piece; sometimes, it’s not.

It’s worth noting that the newest V3 or Version 3 algorithm (at the time of my posting) is very nice compared to the previous 2, and it provides less distortion and creates a more balanced mix. I didn’t know it was toggled on by default, so I had to add “–v 3” after most of my commands.

different-parameters-ai art generator

Will this AI art generator replace artists?

Nope. At least not yet.

Right now, the AI art-making tool does nothing involving gore or adult content. So no porn-y or bloody work of art for you, and I really hope they’ll keep it that way. I can’t believe I just said that.

But even so, I don’t think that AI art generators will replace artists. Artists can use them as a starting point to brainstorm their next projects. They can use them as a base, then tweak the AI art further to create something unique. Sometimes it takes a while for an artist to come up with ideas.

The future of AI art generator – thoughts to ponder?

Are you ready to join the Midjourney bandwagon?

Designers and creatives have proven to be adept at creating memes using these online tools. Still, they can also generate a quasi-predictive aesthetic where emotional design is not just created but unleashed on the world. We’re not just designing for a client anymore. We’re designing our art to feed our sense of wonder and to be remembered as the source of memorable patterns and poignant emotions.

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