Did you survive? Did all of you come through it okay? I know there are a lot of you in the world who didn’t. But anyway, for many of us, the Pandemic was just a great excuse to update our skincare routine and stock up on our favorite products we hadn’t been able to buy because they were out of stock or sold out. Now that you’re in this new world, with the threat of the virus eradicated or something like that — I forget — for now at least, I think it’s time to pick up where we left off and assess what products our skin wants to be friends with now.

Where I am during the skincare routine game

I’m blessed because I inherited my mom’s beautiful skin, so I didn’t have bad acne growing up as a teenager. Fast forward to post-COVID. When I returned to work in May 2020, my skin had changed even more drastically than before—and not for the better! The dry skin I experience from wearing masks makes it difficult to get rid of my acne.

Mind you, like any guy, I don’t have a skincare routine before COVID. Lol. But now, a whole new world is open to me: one where having unblemished skin is no longer just a dream but a reality!

By just making a few changes in your daily skincare routine, you can protect your face and hands while minimizing all the baddies that could happen to your silky smooth complexion. Let’s dig into it!

Cleanse and moisturize your skin daily

You’re washing your face twice a day and moisturizing, right? But do you know why it’s so important to do that?

Moisturizer adds a protective layer to reduce dryness, and it’s almost a must-have now that you have to wear a mask. Your moisturizer layer will also shield your face from mask irritation. And that cuts down half of the problems.

Cleansing your face twice a day can help to remove dirt and bacteria. You’d be thinking, who doesn’t know this? And you’re right. But the following vital step is to moisturize your face (and hands if you feel fancy) every time you wash them to keep the skin moist.

I got a MUDMASKY Leave-Me-On Winter Mask.

And MUDMASKY Aftermask Vitamin Serum.

I know that you have your masks, but do you have your aftermask serum?

If not, let me introduce it to you. It is an additional step that I added to my routine, and it works amazingly to keep the Leave-Me-On mask intact (LMO mask). Whereas previously, I only had the LMO mask, protecting my skin against mask covers. It certainly wasn’t used up to its full potential. Because now, even when it’s springtime, with these two secret weapons, my face feels delicate, less itchy, and less flaking. The LMO mask locks in all that moisture and nourishments to help with my acne. Woot woot!

skincare routine-moisturize daily

Exfoliate your skin

People who don’t exfoliate are not only missing out on the benefits of radiant, glowing skin—they’re also missing out on the chance to enjoy life.

Exfoliation is the best way to eliminate dead skin and make your skin surface radiate. Use an exfoliator at least once or twice weekly to remove the remaining dirt and dead skin cells. I use the MUDMASKY Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the benefits of exfoliation: it improves circulation, reduces acne, brightens your skin tone, and makes it softer and smoother than ever before! But did you know that exfoliation also positively affects your mood? It can help you feel more confident by reducing aging spots and clearing up blemishes that make us self-conscious. It can also help with stress relief! Rubbing away those dead cells releases endorphins—those feel-good hormones that make us happy!

The Purifying Recovery Mask is a 2-in-1 product for me as I also use it for spot treatments with the occasional zit that pops up. It says to last up to 2 weeks, but I use it weekly for the best results.

The difference between this purifying mask and the other masks I’ve tried before is preserving the skin’s natural moisture.

In return, my face feels less dry after every exfoliating session. The pores on my nose and my cheeks are significantly reduced, while my skin texture is smoother. This product makes it damn hard not to touch my face.

skincare routine-exfoliate

Protect skin from blue light

The pandemic has been a dark time for all of us, but it’s also opened our eyes to the fact that we need to take care of ourselves in new ways.

We’ve all seen how much time we spend on our phones, computers, and TVs—and how much blue light exposure that causes. That’s why I’m here today: to remind you that taking care of your skin is important even when you’re busy.

The blue light rays from smartphones, TVs, computer screens, and laptops can cause open pores and oil accumulation on your skin. Because the blue light targets your skin cells, causing shrinkage and dead cells. It also speeds up the aging process.

Of course, I wouldn’t ask you to apply sunscreen indoors unless you’re a skin fanatic. Lol. But if you have prescription glasses, consider putting a layer of blue light protection by buying new glasses. Better yet, grab a pair of blue light protection glasses when watching TV or being in front of a computer/laptop. And make sure your moisturizer has UV protection features in it!

I’m not even kidding. As soon as I realize there’s a blue light protection layer you can add on top of your prescription glasses, I grab that immediately. Lol. And my skin has thanked me for it, while my eyestrain has been reduced significantly since.

skincare routine-protect from blue light

Keep yourself hydrated

You know what’s good for your skin?


That’s right, water. Not only does it help keep your skin looking hydrated, but it also helps flush out any harmful toxins that may linger in your body. Drink at least 3-8 glasses per day.

And if you’re thinking “duh,” think again: drinking adequate water can help you avoid dry skin, irritation, and blemishes.

It’s funny, because I’ve mentioned drinking water, and everyone has suggested it to me, but I barely drink water anymore. The taste of it doesn’t appeal to me. But as long as you keep your fluids flowing, that’s good enough. If you can drink water, even better!

Water-drinking reminder apps now send you a push notification at every set interval. So make use of them. They remind me about four or five times in the hour that it’s annoying enough; I have to get up and grab some water or sweet tea. Lol.

skincare routine-keep hydrated

Don’t wash your hands too often

I know, I know. It’s a little bit weird to suggest that you shouldn’t wash your hands as often.

Most people are dead wrong when it comes to hand washing—unless you can dip your hands in boiling water, the warm water barely scratches bacteria’s surface and will not prevent their growth as it led most people to believe.

Washing your hands can make you more susceptible to bacterial infections because it strips away the oils on your skin that keep them healthy and happy. You also end up drying out your skin, which leads to cracks and breaks in the protective barrier that keeps bacteria out of your bloodstream.

So, what should we do instead? Wash your hands when they’re dirty! If they aren’t dirty, don’t worry about it! And if they are dirty… Well, then just wash them!

If you have just used the bathroom, or if you’ve been handling raw meat, or before/after your meals, or dipping your hands in somebody. Cough cough. Go ahead and wash your hands. But otherwise? There’s no need.

skincare routine-don


While I’m sadly not sponsored by MUDMASKY 🙁 I used 2 of their masks right after the lockdown and have since added more of their products to my arsenal. They do wonder to my face, and even with the constant mask-wearing, I see significant improvement in my acne over the past nine months.

I don’t know about you guys, but for someone who has spent no dime on a skincare routine before, this is affordable and saves me even more when buying directly on Amazon. I’ve tried some Aesop before, and comparing the price value, MUDMASKY is still my go-to for now.

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